Sunday, July 5, 2015

Joining Lines and Polylines

I hope everyone had a happy and safe fourth of July. The fourth of July is synonymous with explosions. If you got a little carried away yesterday and exploded some polylines and want to put them back together, you are in the right place!

First, I want to mention something (rant) about the explode command.

A few years ago Autodesk changed the toolbar button icon from to

As a user, no big deal. I type the alias x to explode anyway. As an instructor I miss the old button! I could set someone down who has never seen AutoCAD before and say "Find the explode button" and they could easily find it. Now I have to explain that it looks like a box that is being exploded apart. The button looks more like a 3D command than a 2D command. I miss my stick of dynamite!

Back to joining objects.

In the following video I demonstrate two different methods for joining lines and arcs to create polylines.

One more comment on the Polyline Edit command. If you prefer to use this method for joining lines and arcs, here is a tip to shorten the process. It always bugged me that AutoCAD asks "Object selected is not a polyline, do you want to turn it into one?" Of course I want to turn it into one! I have literally never said no to that question. Okay, once to see what would happen; it just ends the command having done nothing. To bypass this question type in the variable PEDITACCEPT and set the value to 1. Essentially you are saying that you accept turning the object into a polyline. You will never be asked that silly question again!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The First Post!

Between CAD Classes - The First Post!

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Tracy Chadwick. I am the coordinator and lead instructor of the Computer Drafting Technology program at Hutchinson Community College. I have been teaching CAD classes at HCC for 14 years. Prior to that I did some drafting and design work in the grain industry.

I am a big reader of blogs related to CAD and design and decided to jump in and create one myself. I have a busy schedule, so I plan to blog between preparing for class, teaching, and grading; hence the name of the blog. (It could probably also be called "Between CAD classes and late at night after I put my daughters to bed" but that url was taken). I plan to discuss topics dealing with my classroom experience as well as software tips and tricks.

I hold professional certifications for AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and Autodesk Revit. I update those annually (for free!) at Autodesk University. I am also a big user of Creo 2.0. I hope to delve into AutoCAD Civil 3D, SolidWorks, and 3DS Max as time permits.

If you are interested in all things CAD, I hope you will follow my blog as it grows!

Thanks for looking!
-Tracy Chadwick