Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Selection Cycling

Have you ever had two objects drawn over each other, and you wanted to select one of the items but AutoCAD only allows you to select the other? If you have used AutoCAD for very long, I am sure the answer is yes. I frequently get this question from my students.

Here are the steps that I have given students to cycle through object selection:

Turn on Selection Cycling on the status bar. If the button is not visible, click the three lines at the far right of the status bar, and turn it on.

Now, when you click in an area with more than one object, you will get a dialog that let's you hover over each object to preview. When the object you want is highlighted, click on the item in the list and you have selected it.

The downside to this method is that I find Selection Cycling to be intrusive. It pops up all the time. Therefore I leave it off and turn it on only when needed.

I just learned recently, however, that there is a faster way! 

Hover over the overlapping objects.
Hold the shift key and tap the spacebar. Each time you tap the spacebar it will cycle through the different objects. Simply click when the desired object is highlighted!

I cannot wait to share this tip with my students!

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